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We optimize your app's organic search discoverability and conversions by performing in-depth keyword research and product page analysis for a fixed price.

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After you submit basic information about your app, we do the rest: keyword research, metadata generation, and product page analysis. Within 72 hours, you receive a report with our findings and recommendations on optimizing organic search discoverability and increasing conversions, resulting in more downloads. Not happy with the results? We will refund your money.Do you have any questions? Please read our FAQ or contact us.

Keyword Research

We identify and analyze keywords by looking at their relevance, search volume, and ranking difficulty.

Search Optimization

We improve search discoverability by strategically applying the right keywords in your app's metadata.

Conversion Optimization

We review your app's product page and provide recommendations on how to increase conversions.

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Frequently asked questions

What is App Store optimization, and why is it important?App Store optimization increases app downloads by optimizing organic search discoverability (leading to more impressions) and conversion rates (leading to more app downloads). The former happens by making your app rank high for the best keywords. The latter is done by making its product page appealing, for example, using proper screenshots.65% of all downloads happen after a search, meaning optimizing for it is essential to the success of your app. Applying the right keyword strategy is crucial for increasing organic search discoverability, but it also helps potential Search Ads campaigns.

How do you perform the analysis, and based on what data?First, we identify keywords using several sources, including existing metadata, screenshots, reviews, competitors, and tools like Google Keyword Planner and Thesaurus. Next, we analyze them by determining relevance and looking up their search volume, difficulty (to rank), and current ranking using Apptweak, a specialized App Store optimization tool, and custom tools.Next, we optimize metadata by strategically applying the best keywords. We choose keywords based on several factors, including app performance, competition, current ranking, and others.Finally, we evaluate aspects of the product page affecting the conversion rate (from viewing the product page to downloading the app). These include screenshots, app previews, the app description, and others.

What do I exactly get, and can I see an example? You will get a report (as PDF) that includes actionable and prioritized recommendations on how to optimize both organic search discoverability and conversions. Recommendations related to keywords come with an extensive keyword analysis overview shared via Google Sheets.You can download an example report here based on this keyword research.

How trustworthy are the recommendations, and are they guaranteed to work?We base our recommendations on first- and third-party data and years of experience performing App Store optimization. However, the App Store's search and ranking algorithm are limited documented and frequently changes. While our recommendations likely increase impressions and downloads, we cannot guarantee this. As a result, they come with no liability, and we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by implementing them. We strongly advise running experiments based on our recommendations to evaluate their effectiveness.

Why do I immediately have to pay, and how can I be sure I receive the report?We offer a productized service whose scope is fixed and follows a specific blueprint. Because of this, we can assign it a fixed price. We require immediate payment to speed up the process. We offer the ability to refund as we believe our service is high quality and worth the money. To protect buyers, we fully enclose our business and personal details (see below).

Should App Store optimization be done regularly? How do you support this?The App Store's search and ranking algorithm frequently change. In addition, app updates from competitors and ratings received for both your app and your competitors' apps also affect your search visibility. As a result, you should optimize your app for the App Store regularly, ideally at least every three months.Our report provides an excellent start for performing App Store optimization. From there, you can continue doing it yourself or order subsequent reports. Since we already know your app and value returning customers, we offer those reports for $399. Reply to our initial order email when you want to take advantage.

How long does it usually take before I see results after implementing the recommendations?App Store optimization works relatively fast compared to search engine optimization. You typically see results within just a few weeks, sometimes even days. This makes it suitable for running experiments. These experiments should at least run for two weeks, preferably four weeks.

What languages do you support, and how can I order your service for multiple languages?We optimize search availability for English keywords by default, giving the most reliable outcome due to data availability. However, we can also optimize for other languages, although the reliability of the analysis and resulting recommendations might be less. Contact us to discuss optimizing for another language.

How and where is this company registered, and who runs it?ASO Advice is a trademark of Niels Mouthaan IT Services, registered in the Commercial Register of The Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KvK) with number 71314490, and owned by Niels Mouthaan.Niels is an independent developer and growth specialist who, amongst others, developed Daily Time Tracking and Ejectify.

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